Thursday, January 22, 2009

Good morning bright and early on Blog day #2 :) Well not too early but for the holidays it is!

So today i thought i would feature some of my favourite websites at the moment: I can spend hours on here just looking ata all the great projects people have made. Some of them are damn right hilarous! And its a great website to go to to find tutorials for almost everything :D

Because i'm so into crochet lately i have been finding a lot of lovely tutorials for cute projects! Most of these are amigurumi cuz i find them so utterly adorable :D

How awesomely cute is this?! When i get good enough i'll be making a pair of these for my dad. By the way i'm going he'll be lucky to get them by fathers day :P Now i'm sure there's a lot of you out there who would love to make this so head on over here:

Or if owls aren't your cup of tea why not make a penguin??
Isnt he adorable! And the scarf... oh my :) Go here and start crocheting one up today!

Or if you're a bit, well a lot more advanced then i am then maybe you could crochet up Megaman!

His pattern is found here:

The detail of him just amazes me!

So head on over to crafster today and see what great projects you can discover :D

Have a great day! Off to the movies to see Role Models :)

My last blog didn't turn out to well. I was too slack and never got around to writing in it. Then i decided i wanted to fix it up but with my basic knowledge of technical blogger mumbo-jumbo i kinda, well destroyed it beyond repair :( So i took the easy way out and just deleted it! Besides the posts weren't interesting anyways!

This new blog will be about my adventures in the crafting world. Good websites i find, cool craft projects, free patterns and my attempts at as many crafts as possible :)

I really want to dabble in crochet, using resin and silk screening or stencilling.